THE brand

HATE THIS GAME is a sportswear brand that captures the pure essence of tennis, the sport where mental strength counts more than physical strength. It can sometimes be very cruel: you can be playing a match ball and see the result completely overturned thanks to a ball that clips the net or lands on the line. That’s all it takes for things to start spinning in the opposite direction. Staying calm and knowing how to play down such moments is therefore a vital trait in character.

I HATE THIS GAME tells the story of a love so great as you make you “hate” tennis and this concerns all those who live this sport on and off the court with huge passion, giving free rein to the emotions, even the most contrasting kind, of each individual athlete. I HATE THIS GAME is the gear for those who make tennis their true passion.

The brand is launched with three different clothing lines:

  • CASUAL designed for those who want to represent the values of I HATE THIS GAME in a simple, basic and immediate manner. The Casual line t-shirts are made of cotton, in the typical “tennis” colours, but also with an eye on fashion featuring an assortment in fluro colours.
  • STREET because the concepts of I HATE THIS GAME are also for leisure wear off the court, when out with friends, on holiday, … wherever we want to wear a message and emotion that belongs to us. The Street line t-shirts are made of cotton, with high-impact graphic prints that reproduce the famous phrases of tennis champions, phrases that represent the concepts of I HATE THIS GAME, but also the values of those who choose our brand.
  • ON COURT to walk onto the court wearing a superior quality technical shirt, breathable, white or fluorescent as you prefer, but above all flaunting the I HATE THIS GAME personality.

This is just a taste of the collections that you will soon find on the I HATE THIS GAME website. Shout your passion for tennis, dress I HATE THIS GAME!