After barely two months since its inception, I HATE THIS GAME has already won a number of important victories: starting from the success with which so many tennis enthusiasts appreciated the T-Shirts of the first collection, to the really important victories on the court where several players have chosen to dress I HATE THIS GAME:

  • Carlotta Sartori, 24, winner of the Opens in Cavalese, Dossobuono and Castelnuovo.
  • Andrea Sonato, 20, winner of the Opens in Trento, Padua, AT Verona and San Martino.
  • Alex Ricci, 17, winner of the Third Category Tournament at the AT Verona.
  • Davide Tomirotti, 45, winner of the Fourth Category Tournaments in Povegliano, Sommacampagna, Training Revolution and Bussolengo; finalist in the Fourth Category Tournaments in Lugagnano and Boscomantico.
  • Gaia Cipriani, 16, winner of the Illasi Open Tournament and the Raldon Third Category Tournament.