This story starts with a father of six children. A father in love with tennis who spends so many years trying to convey his passion to all his children, in the hope that some of them will become, if not a huge champion at least a minor champion.

Alas! none of his children shared his passion, but later on in adulthood, when all hope has been lost, Alberto and Andrea (the two youngest children), start to show an interest in tennis, and start to reap those gratifying successes that the father thought he would never live to see. A passion that emerges and is transformed into a desire to “do something in the world of tennis”.

“My passion for the sport is all thanks to our father” – says Andrea – “who, a bit like Andre Agassi’s father whose lifetime dream was to have tennis champion children, enrolled all six of us for tennis courses from a very early age.

Nobody became an ace, but we have always had a tight bond with this world”.

And Andrea decided to exploit this bond, not only on the court: but by transforming his passion into an idea, inventing a brand that expresses the feeling that reigns in the heart of every true tennis player:

a love so great that it makes you “hate” tennis, the feeling of anger and perseverance, stubbornness and joy, the desire to run away and smash everything, the exaltation of getting that difficult point.

This is the driving force behind a t-shirt collection, the first line of I HATE THIS GAME t-shirts.
It is at this point that Andrea’s project “encounters” another two siblings:

Alberto and Giulia, who have been running an events and communications agency for 20 years.

The former has 20 years of sales experience, the latter 25 years of life spent in the creativity and communication world.

And that was it: the idea, the passion, the experience of those who communicate all rolled into one.
To continue the history of the passion for the game:

the same that saw six young children dress in six tennis outfits to the joy of a father so deeply in love with tennis.